Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract Research

We all have heard about Green Coffee Bean Extract, especially since Dr. Oz talked about it earlier this year. We just pop this weight loss pill and we start losing weight just like that…right? Well not exactly. There is a lot more going on within your body to help you lose that weight. So what proof do we have?

Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract Research?

Most Americans currently have a high calorie diet, they don’t exercise enough. This tied with a slow metabolism causes us all to gain weight.  We just don’t burn off enough calories to lose weight.

In a research study done on Svetol, their was a placebo group and a group that took Svetol Green Coffee. After 2 months of this study, the participants that took the green coffee lost 2x the amount of weight that the placebo group lost, without changing their diet or exercise schedule.

The awesome thing about this trial, research showed weight loss is increased with the Svetol and this was on humans, not animals like many other research studies are.

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