Genesis Today Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

Today I wanted to talk about some of the top selling Svetol brands you can purchase. The brands are using the Svetol trademarked version of green coffee bean extract. they are some of the first companies to have it since the word broke out from the Dr. Oz Show last Monday. So what is the most popular?

Genesis Today Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

The Genesis Today Svetol is there newest supplement out. If you recall, they do have the original green coffee bean seen from the show. The difference with this one is that this one has added Svetol to it. It’s still the 400mg per capsule dose, no fillers, additives or any of that…and still the same 60ct bottles. Looks like it’s a little more expensive though from seeing other retailers…probably due to the higher cost of the Svetol trademarked green coffee.

I guess the question if it’s the best out there. Well there is one thing I don’t like about the Genesis Today brand. It says “With Svetol” on the bottle, but actually out of the 400mg per capsule, only 100mg is the Svetol version, so you are not getting 100% Svetol. I am sure the whole product is fine, even the Dr. Oz Show website recommends them, just buy it knowing that it’s not all Svetol…that rhymed!

I have added a picture of the label of the bottle:

Here is a picture of what the new version looks like:

I found it here for like $25. Not to bad to try out.

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